Collection: The Wood Shop

Hand Carved & Hand Spun functional art inspired by tradition & respect for the natural world. We source wood locally from trees that have fallen in storms, died of old-age or were fell because of ill health or for fire safety. We feel a duty to steward healthy forests & make sure trees have long lives. This is why all our pieces come from wood that was either going to the hearth or the forest floor, giving them new life in your homes.

We are a family business, a husband & wife team. The pieces from our Wood Shop Collection are envisioned, shaped and brought to you by my husband, Chris. Every tree is unique and Chris has a particular talent for taking a rough piece of old trees, a branch, a root or a trunk, & giving it new life as functional art for your home. Experience the simple pleasures of natural, beautiful, hand created from start to finish, environmentally friendly wares for your home that can be passed down through generations.

You will see a lot of "Out of Stock" items in this collection. This is because each item is unique and get's its own listing.

We leave these as examples of Chris's work. If you see something you like but has already sold, we may be able to make something similar (never exactly the same) so feel free to reach out.

  • Small Farm

    We are a small farm small-batch business. We value the quality & care we can offer to each individual product we share with you.

  • Eco-Friendly Pleasures

    We help you source those household staples & treasures that reduce waste & add a special touch to your daily routines.

  • Organic

    We always source organic, whildharvested & sustainable practices everywhere possible!

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