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Hand Carved Olive Wood Tray ~ Dry Food Tray ~ Catch All Tray ~ Center Piece

Hand Carved Olive Wood Tray ~ Dry Food Tray ~ Catch All Tray ~ Center Piece

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Some pieces have such color & elegant shape they draw your eyes to it from anywhere in the room. This is one of those!

This is an unusually large olive wood tray as olive trees are slow growing & large pieces like this one are difficult to come by. Especially large pieces that are intact like this one is! A friend of ours has a neighbor who cut down an old growth olive they didn't want in their yard any more & we were fortunate to be called to come over & pickup the wood & give it another life. For us it's always tragic to see a beautiful old tree cut down. When this happens we're thankful to be able to bring it home, create something new with it & give it another life in your home so it can continue to be appreciated as an old olive tree like this should be.

Every piece is unique & the wood always has a will to turn into a particular piece & a natural shape all its own. Chris chased the wood of this tray as he carved it until it evolved with natural curves & waving rims that are reminiscent of a bird.. or a fish.. what do you see?

Because of the the vigorous tendency for olive wood to develop small cracks deep inside the wood as it dries, there are some natural cracks in the tray that illuminate its natural fibers but in to way reduce its strength! Olive wood is an incredibly hard wood which is very clear by the hours & hours it takes to carve its shape & sand it to such smooth silky perfection as this piece is.

Because of the natural cracks we do not recommend this piece for any wet food. It would serve well for dried foods, fruits or nuts. It will be a stunning piece on your dining table, your kitchen island or your entry way as a catch all. 

This will last you a lifetime & beyond!

Care Instructions:

We've finished this piece with our bees wax and food grade mineral oil wood conditioner for longer life.

  • Spot clean with warm water and a soft sponge or cloth
  • Never use harsh scouring pads.
  • Not dishwasher safe!
  • This is a natural wood and can get some staining over time, this is natural and okay, it's part of your story now.
  • Wood is a natural fiber and will alter slightly over time and use, this is natural and naturally unpredictable in ways. It is part of the charm of using wooden utensils, its wear tells your story now too.
  • We recommend applying new conditioner occasionally to preserve the quality and life of this natural wooden utensil!


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