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Welcome to our Eco Farm Store!

My husband I are subsistence farmers here on family land in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. We grow vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs, fruit trees, berry bushes, honey bees, free range chickens, ducks & geese. We are in constant evolution with the land here as we navigate growing food & preserving food, soil building, drought adaptation, wildfires & animal husbandry.

Like you, we value simple living, simple pleasures, high quality foods & home goods that make life easier, more enjoyable & kinder to the earth.

Blue Sage Family Farm Store is here to help you find quality fresh foods, live a beautiful simple, healthy & more sustainable life style. Our store is a place for you to get your unusual & delicious farm fresh honeys, herbs & spices along with organic apothecary goods, handcrafted wooden textiles & handy long-lasting gadgets for your everyday or special occasions in the home & garden all while reducing plastics in the world. Yay!

We're here to help you slow down, feel good & enjoy the simple pleasures be it a cup of tea in the morning with some plain or naturally infused raw honey, plastic free grocery shopping or making dinner using a lovingly crafted wooden mixer, masher or serving spoon.  

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