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Our Infused Honey Sizes

So Many Infusions, So Many Sizes.. How to choose the right sizes and find your favorite Infusion.

Did you know we have 10 different Infused Honeys that we make throughout the year? Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Chai Spice, Lavender, Rose, Holiday Spice, Turmeric Ginger, Smoked Hot Pepper and Butterfly Pea Flower.

Then we have our limited batches that we make only seasonally like our Candy Cap Mushroom, Lemon Verbena, Chamomile and Pumpkin Spice Infusions. 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to Infusions, it's hard to narrow it down. We're constantly thinking of new flavors to try and we love creating new and delicious infused honeys. So stay tuned because  you never know what we will come out with next!

You can see our entire Infused Honey collection by clicking this link.

Our Size Guide in a Nutshell:

1.75oz : Try them all and find your favorites!

5.5oz : You're ramping it up and narrowing it down, or you want bigger samples to explore.

9oz : Your know your taste buds, you've found your go-to's and you know you, or someone else, will love them!

14oz : You know your favorites and you never want to be out of stock!

The Sizes in More Detail:

Did you know honey is measured by weight rather than volume?

Our four different size jars give you a lot of options! 


We offer a Sample Pack so you can try them all and find your favorites (the seasonal batches are not added to this pack but can be added separately). These also make really great gifts as they offer variety and delicious flavors so you don't have to guess which will be their favorites, let them discover for themselves. They are also perfect for stocking stuffers, office gifts, party favors etc.! The sample packs can be purchased in 1.75oz and 9oz jars.


Once you find your favorites you can size up!


It's great to have options. The 5.5oz option is also a great way to sample multiple infusions when you're still in discovery or gift giving mode. We find that this size is our least popular because either people want to give the 1.75oz as gifts, sample them themselves and then they know what they want and they want it in the 9oz or 14 oz.  

We find that once people have tried them all or found one they're crazy about, they size up to either the 9oz or 14oz. Over time, fewer and fewer customers go for the 5.5oz because they've found their favorites and they know they want more!


Our 9oz jars go a long way in the kitchen. These jars will last a while (well, that depends I suppose...). This is our most popular size and ALL of our Infusions are available in the 9oz jars. When you know what you like this is a good size to go for.


These jars are the best buy price-wise and we see customers quickly size up to the 14oz once they have found their favorite Infusions. With the 14oz you can stay in stock longer or give a gift that will keep giving for a long time. 

We also offer subscriptions on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for a 5%-20% discount. This is a great way to keep in stock or give an ongoing gift to someone. Subscriptions can be altered or canceled at anytime. You will see the option to subscribe under all eligible items which included ALL our honeys.

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