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Candy Cap Mushroom Infused Honey - Maple Syrup Mushroom - Limited Batch!

Candy Cap Mushroom Infused Honey - Maple Syrup Mushroom - Limited Batch!

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Candy Cap Mushrooms are truly unique and marvelous tasting more like maple than even maple syrup does. Native only to the California Coastline a single mushroom will make your entire home smell of the intoxicating scent on maple syrup. They taste of maple just as much as they smell like it so you can imagine the delights of this infusion and the many uses for it.

Pancakes, waffles, coffee, tea, whipping cream, over ice cream, oat meal, in baked goods and shakes. Add it so summer iced teas or rich mixed drinks for cocktails and mocktails. 

This is a limited batch so be sure to savor it while supplies last!

Candy cap mushrooms are of the milk cap mushroom family and one of very few (maybe only two) dessert mushrooms.

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