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The Power of Raw Honey Promotes Good Health

No matter which way you look at it, honey in all of its golden goodness, has been used for centuries as a sweet treat, as a salve, and for medicinal purposes. But not all honeys were created equal. Raw unfiltered honey comes directly from the hive without being stripped of its natural properties, while many store bought honey is processed before being brought to market. Some store bought honeys are even cut with other sweeteners such as corn or rice syrup.
It’s raw unfiltered honey that has been shown to offer the most health benefits.
At Blue Sage Honey Co. we take great pride in producing a host of high quality raw unfiltered honeys, naturally-infused raw unfiltered honeys, pure bees wax and other bee-related products.
Many health benefits have been linked to power of raw honey:
1. It’s chock-full of antioxidants, which help protect against such chronic diseases as cancer and heart disease.
2. It can help destroy bacteria and fungi, because it contains hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an antiseptic.
3. Certain raw honeys have been shown to boost healing, aid in digestion, and reduce infection.
4. Honey is a powerful prebiotic, which helps aid in digestion.
5. It’s the ultimate elixir for a sore throat and cough. Taken by itself or in hot tea with lemon (our Turmeric Ginger and plain Ginger Infused Honey are a favorites to use this way), you’ll be feeling better in no time!
We are committed to offering specialty honeys that are as close to nature as you can get — and our gourmet-infused honeys are kept raw and made in small-batches with organic herbs and spices. 
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