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How to Make your own Delicious Immune Boosting Raw Honey Elixir with Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric

A spoonful of Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, Honey Elixir makes the medicine down in the most delicious way!
I don't know about you but I LOVE making my own home remedies and potions! That is actually how I got started on this business, just playing around in the kitchen with herbs, spices and raw honey. This elixir here is really easy to make and easy to tailor to your tastes and uses.
My interest in natural remedies and plant medicines was born into me and I loved learning these things from a very young age. I thank my back-to-the-land parents for instilling these values and nurturing this knowledge in me! I love recipes like this one because they are simple to make, have many uses and taking them is easy and enjoyable! They can also be made with common ingredients in the home but put together in this way, they become health tonics. Honey Elixirs are really perfect for children too! (though be aware, honey is not advised for children under 1 year of age). Though medicinal, these are gentle and safe for most folks to use. Please note, I am not a trained herbalist or naturopath so make sure you do your own research when taking medicines, particularly if you have a preexisting condition.
I made this elixir with five simple ingredients:
  • Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey (find it here in our store)
  • Organic Meyer Lemons
  • Fresh Organic Ginger Root
  • Fresh Organic Turmeric Root
  • Organic Star Anise Pod
Raw Honey is an amazing natural remedy with many health benefits including, digestion, heart health, immune function, skin, calming coughs and soothing sore throats. It has also been found to be full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In order to get these benefits from honey you always want to use Raw Honey (Unfiltered when possible) because honey when it is raw and unfiltered is the most intact and maintains the beneficial properties naturally occurring in this incredible nectar from the bees.
Ginger Root has been found to have many health benefits including aiding in digestion, soothing sore throats, nausea, stress, inflammation, mood enhancement, increased circulation and much more.
Turmeric Root is another incredibly beneficial plant and has been found to reduce inflammation, increase heart health and immunity as well as help with depression and is full of antioxidants. This is just naming a few of the many benefits found in Turmeric Root.
Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C and Antioxidants. It is also known to be a digestive aid and helps increase hydration, lower blood pressure, strengthen the bronchial system and boost the immune system.
Star Anise, I added Star Anise particularly for the flavor of it but it also has been found to have many health benefits such as boosting the immune system, being antibacterial and anti-viral. It also supports respiratory health, relieves pain and inflammation, aids sleep and much more. Nature really is incredible!
How To Make It:
You can make your home health elixir to your particular tastes. The ratios of each ingredient can be adapted to your preferences.
I used Myer Lemons because I love their flavor, juiciness and the taste in the rind which has very little bitterness to it. I washed and thinly sliced four medium lemons peel and all.
After washing the ginger and turmeric root (I did pat them dry to avoid adding more water to the mix) I peeled the ginger root because the skin was thick and a little tough. I thinly sliced a lot of ginger. Im a big ginger lover and wanted to be able to taste a little ginger kick in my elixir.
I did not peel the turmeric root because I could tell it was fresh and the peel was tender. I also imagine that, like many things, the peels have vitamins and minerals that benefit our health as well.
After slicing lemon, ginger and turmeric root, I put them into a 24oz mason jar and added one whole Star Anise pod.
It took a 1lb/16oz jar of our Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey to fill the jar to the top.
Once the jar was full I let it sit for an hour or so while the honey pulled the juice from the lemons making it more liquid and easier to shake. Did you know that honey is Hygroscopic, which means it pulls moisture from around itself, it will even pull moisture out of the air if you leave the lid off of your honey.
Let it sit on the counter at room temperature for a couple of days, shaking often. It took some self discipline to keep from tasting it every few hours, it's delicious! It will get tastier over time. Honey is shelf stable but once you add moisture it can ferment and go bad so best to keep it in the refrigerator after those first two days.
take it as needed or desired
  • By the spoonful for sore throats, coughs, immune support, daily health tonic
  • With warm water for a drink soothing to the throat, head and chest.
  • Add it to a warm herbal tea you love.
  • In a glass of water to sip on through the day (add a pinch of mineral salt for an electrolyte drink)
  • In water with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar as a health tonic (look into health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar)
  • Take a spoonful before a meal to aid in digestion
  • Over ice cream because, why not?!!
The Honey, Ginger and Turmeric are a good base and great starting point. If you wish to add more to it for an even more medicinal tonic there are a lot of possibilities. Some ideas are: cinnamon bark, black peppercorns, nutmeg, coriander seed, fennel seed, licorice root, hot peppers such as cayenne or jalapeños (fresh or dried), garlic and onion.
I love sharing these simple recipes and I hope you get inspired to experiment in your kitchen. We always love to hear from you about your experience so feel free to share with us!
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