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Rooibos Tea Loose Leaf ~ Antioxidant Rich Red Tea ~ Red Bush Tea

Rooibos Tea Loose Leaf ~ Antioxidant Rich Red Tea ~ Red Bush Tea

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This delicate herbal variety has a natural sweetness and warm aroma. Savor it on its own, with milk and honey, or in a latte. Beloved for its rich, deep flavors that satisfy the need for black tea or coffee for an antioxidant rich satisfying cup of tea.

Rooibos Tea is sometimes known as the red tea or redbush tea. The leaves undergo an oxidation process, and this process produces the distinctive reddish-brown color of Rooibos, and enhances the flavor. It is is commonly prepared in the same manner as black tea, and milk and honey can be added to taste. Other methods include a slice of lemon making it a lovely caffeine free iced tea.


2oz loose leaf organic rooibos tea

100% compostable packaging

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