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Hand Carved Kitchen Spoon ~ Serving & Cooking Spoon

Hand Carved Kitchen Spoon ~ Serving & Cooking Spoon

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This spoon could be your new go-to utensil in the kitchen. Hand carved into the perfect shape for scraping the bottom of pots and pans, stirring and serving. It has a simple and elegant design with flowing lines and special touches that can only be made by hand tools.

This spoon was carved from a collection of special woods held onto by an old-time wood worker in our community. He passed on some of his beautiful collection to Chris when he wasn't able to work in his shop anymore. This is a bit of a mystery wood but most agree it is a mahogany. 

Care Instructions:

We've finished this piece with our bees wax and food grade mineral oil wood conditioner for a longer life.

  • Don't let wood soak in water.
  • Never use harsh scouring pads.
  • Hand-wash only, not dishwasher safe.

This is a natural wood and can get some staining over time, this is natural and okay, it's part of your story now.

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