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Hand Carved Black Oak Spatula ~ Serving Spoon ~ Mixing Spoon

Hand Carved Black Oak Spatula ~ Serving Spoon ~ Mixing Spoon

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Hand carved from an old oak tree that fell during one of our wild Northern California Winter storms. This tree was close to 4 feet in diameter! She was beautiful and when she fell we were very sad. Chris has taken to giving her new life as functional art for our kitchens and homes. This piece shows the grains of the woods and naturally occurring dark staining of the handle wood. The medullary rays, horizontal rays that extend away from the core of the tree towards the bark and shimmers like fish scales.

Care Instructions:

We've finished this piece with our bees wax and food grade mineral oil wood conditioner for a longer life.

  • Don't let wood soak in water.
  • Never use harsh scouring pads.
  • Hand-wash only, not dishwasher safe.

This is a natural wood and can get some staining over time, this is natural and okay, it's part of your story now.

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